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Our company name “Casa alle Vacche” (literally “Home to the Cows” in English) immediately arouses curiosity, is neither random nor imaginary but purely a historical reference. In the 1800’s the area where our company buildings stand today, and in particular the oldest building, were used as stables for the cows that used to haul the wagons and work the fields. The typical vaulted ceiling with exposed brickwork on the ground floor of the old building is evidence of this.

As well as the history, the name also evokes the simplicity, naturalness, effort and hard work of a family of winemakers.

casa-alle-vacche-azienda-agricola-nonnaTHE SPIRIT AND SOUL OF TUSCANY

We, the Ciappi family, always winemakers, are 100% Tuscan. “Tuscanity” that reflects in the character of our wines and the genuineness of our welcome.

For generations the Ciappi family has dedicated love and passion to the cultivation of the land and the production of wine and olive oil. Then, twenty years ago, the farm holiday was devised with the idea of offering guests from all over the world the chance to enjoy the beauty of our country and savour its delights.

The whole family is involved in the company’s activities, each with a specific role, a source of pride and satisfaction to Silvano, the grandfather, who passed it on to his sons, Fernando and Lorenzo.




Here’s what we can offer:

  • Sales of company products
  • Wine tasting
  • Equipped hospitality apartments
  • Restaurant services


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