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You will find the Casa alle Vacche vineyard situated just few kilometres from the famous San Gimignano and immersed in the spectacular scenery offered by the Tuscan countryside.
Famiglia Ciappi
The name of the Casa alle Vacche vineyard –a nineteenth century reference to the stables for the tireless, hard-working domesticated animals – was chosen to evoke the productive connotations of their genealogy, and at the same time, the natural disposition to simplicity of the Ciappi family who are dedicated, as always, to reaching their objective of producing top quality products.

The estate consists of 30 hectares of land of which 20 are cultivated vineyards with excellent exposure (Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Canaiolo, Vernaccia di San Gimignano, Chardonnay & Malvasia del Chianti) 3 hectares of olives, and wine cellars whose modern equipment integrate effectively with the traditional wine growing instruments.

The listing of these details is not sufficient to adequately illustrate the perseverance of the company to obtaining quality that well exceeds the specifications laid out by the Denominazioni d’Origine (Denomination of Origin). The character, soul and body of the Casa alla Vacche wines are explained by the meticulous and selective care of the grapes, the exertion of the harvest and conditioning of the low yield free from the use of pesticides and other chemical substances and the dedicated attention to each phase of the harvesting and wine making.

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